Top 5 Ways To Start 2020

Year 2019 is a learning from us, from struggles, trials, mistakes, accomplishments and success. They made you what you are this year. This 2020 is the year of the metal rat, the rat has good life force but weak Spirit Essence, which indicates it needs to work on boosting self-confidence.

While the Rat may be short on vigor and vitality, which should be corrected with the correct cures, there is excellent wealth luck. The good news is the Rat is a highly resilient sign, and challenges are what spurs the Rat on to become the most successful version of itself according to World of Feng Shui. Of course, you want a new you this 2020. New year, new you, new ways, new adventures, new goals, right? You want to become wiser, and a better you. You want to achieve your goals, your dreams. But your problem is how? How to start, where to start?

Here are the top 5 ways to start your 2020

1. Appreciate yourself. Set yourself a daily alarm on your phone to take a little break to appreciate and love yourself this 2020.

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2. Set your top 10 goals for the 2020. Write it down, make a checklist and post it somewhere you can see every day! It’s that simple.

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3. Spring cleaning. Simplify your life by cleaning up your closet. You’ll be doing some shopping this year.
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4. Schedule you Zzzzz’s. You know what they say, sleep is the best medicine so make time for it this 2020.

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Source: https://www.wofs.com/feng-shui-2020-your-luck-in-the-coming-year-of-the-metal-rat/