This coming summer, you might be in a hurry to achieve that fit and sexy body when you hit those beautiful beach and resorts. Wondering how are we going to achieve that? Let’s beat the heat and stay fit this summer with these tips. Read more »


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Top 5 Ways To Start 2020

Year 2019 is a learning from us, from struggles, trials, mistakes, accomplishments and success. They made you what you are this year. This 2020 is the year of the metal rat, the rat has good life force but weak Spirit Essence, which indicates it needs to work on boosting self-confidence. Read more »

Pioneering Outlet Shopping Experience with Acienda

For the president of Cathay Land Inc., the success that the Acienda Designer Outlet enjoys so far was pleasant news for him, considering that he also took a risk for this large-scale commercial venture instead of settling for smaller commercial projects. Read more »